Sale of a ready-made ltd.

How to save time for your business? How to establish your business in Slovakia immediately?

We can provide you a ready-made Slovak company with a VAT number. This type of legal service fits those businesswomen/men who want to do business in Slovakia ASAP, and want to save time with establishing a new Ltd. /LLC. in Slovakia and avoid all the applications towards the Financial Office which takes approximately two months until everything is done for the business. We can offer you a new company, where we prepare the necessary documents like the Contract for the transfer of the share in the business and all the obligatory documents for the court. The changes take less time than establishing a company and going through all the proceedings accordingly to get the VAT number. With the ready-made company you can work immediately and you can save your time for your business and significant amount of money at the same time. Not only do we offer you a brand new company with VAT number but all the administration work and accounting service done for you if needed.

We offer you:
  • Brand new companies (SK, HU, CZ) with VAT number
  • Registration addresses
  • Legal service
  • Administration service
  • Tax advice
  • Renting a meeting room (Bratislava, Komárno)
  • Documents in English language
  • Translator or translating documents if necessary

Feel free to contact us if you need legal advice. Leave us your email or phone number and we will contact you.